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Alexis Fair: fabulous girl deejay/ musician/ artist/ designer

Alexis Fair

Friday, Oct 21,
With a background in music, photography, film, and design, Alexis is truly an artist and Renaissance woman. But with all her talents she has chosen to pursue the love of her life, music. Alexis’ musical journey began at age 7, when she began, singing in choirs, playing the flute, and playing her favorite instrument, the piano at age 9. Her interest in electronic/ dance music arose in her early teens, but she chose to pursue training in the arts to broaden her horizons.

In September of 2007, however, Alexis returned to her musical roots and began to pursue her DJ career more seriously; landing her gigs at Pacha (NYC), Love (NYC), Sullivan Room (NYC), Deko Lounge (NJ), and many other venues, parties, and events in NY and NJ.

She is dedicated to playing music she truly believes in, enjoys, and perfecting her technique. Over the past few years she has met, been inspired and encouraged by exceptionally talented DJs, including The Martinez Brothers, Roy Davis Jr., and Brothers Vibe. Their work ethic, humility, and passion for what they do have truly motivated her to push forward.

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