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GoQuoteYourself! – Clothing and Miscellaneous Textiles


It has been a long time since poetry paid a visit to the mainstream. Mostly hidden behind antique doors which provide the welcoming floor to open mic performers and their observation tours, poetry is now exposed for the world to see. “GoQuoteYourself!”(tm) was founded on the idea that philosophers and metaphor lovers still exist. That in the brightest and darkest of days a poet, a songwriter, or a stranger can say something so clever, insightful, or funny that it deserves to be quoted. Our designs are inspired, designed and financed by poets. It is our way of keeping alive the freedom transpired in words. To ensure that the questions “why?” and “why not?” continue their never-ending flirtation with our existence and that poetry remains one of the forums for such beautiful manifestations of the soul. “GoQouteYourself!”, it is poetry in motion, a traveling form of expression. It is a movement of the mind.

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