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Suchita Jain – Fine Art

Suchita Jain

Abstract paintings in Oil on Canvas.

Artists Statement

Art is an expression of inner feelings…expressions that come from within the soul and touch deep into the heart. It’s a reflection of inner self. It appears simple, but can portray all of the complexities of life. It has become an important ingredient to keep up the spice in life. It is being used in all the walks of life be it media, entertainment, education, or various industries. It helps to relieve mental pressure and achieve happiness.

Art gives immense pleasure that can rejuvenate the spirit as it is not only soothing to the eyes but also leaves impressions onto the soul. It brings aesthetics into the life, which makes life look more beautiful and cheerful. It takes you closer to the truth: I.E. Got, and God, I. E. Beautiful. Above all it is a divine creation.

Painting is a unique arrangement of dots, lines, shapes, forms, colors, harmony, balance, rhythm, and though. It gives forms to ideas. It gives existence to dreams. It is not just modest notion but enormous expression. More than decoration, paintings can modify the whole doldrums of the space making it more dynamic and fascinating.

Similar to paintings, yet altogether a different form of art, Mural (derived from Latin word ‘Murus’ meaning wall) is a three-dimensional representation of ideas using different media including wood, ceramic, plaster of paris, metal, stone, glass, and more. It is an integrated part of the wall, which makes it more energetic and eye-catching. It boosts the temper of the ambiance by adding aesthetics to it that give pleasure.


Born on November 11, 1983

BFA (Painting), School of Fine Arts, IPS Academy, Indore, India
Diploma in Mural Designing, School of Fine Arts, IPS Academy

Oct  2009 – January 2008: Faculty for Fine Arts – FAD Academy, Pune, India
July 2006 – May 2007: Lecturer for Fine Arts – IPS Academy, Indore, India

Gold Medalist for securing First Position in BFA Paintings at State Level in India.

Solo Exhibitions


  • Instinct, New York, United States

Group Exhibitions


  • Maharashtra State Level Exhibition, Pune, India
  • Exhibition 2006, Indore, India


  • Mural Exhibition, Indore, India


  • Pratyaksha, Indore, India
  • Chhapa, Indore, India
  • Decade Year, Indora, India
  • Tat-Chitra, Hardiwar, India

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