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Friday Sept 28 2012

The plaza comes alive as every friday with the
Creative Grove awesomeness: super independent designers, makers, artists, activists,
community initiatives,
music, deejays, dancers, performers
and the art’n’madness creatures of the metro underground.

Sept 28 we welcome the Sherry truck,
an interactive art truck with special characters
that houses therapy sessions, sculputural cakes, candy, tee shirts, manicures, love and more.

DJ Toolman spins his retro funky spacey rhythms,

food this week: Tacos by El Chilango, Best Chino-Indian Food from Taste of India,
Cool Beans
, a coffee and banana based soft ice cream truck, no dairy no sugar just 100% banana with 15 yummy toppings. Honey Bakery with Russian and Korean specialties. like the most amazing carrot salad, and chak chak, dough fried with honey.

Find super original works not available on most markets, sold directly from the creators table,
made in the metro area,
which includes Brooklyn..


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