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Friday October 4, 2013

For the Jersey City Artist Studio Tour 2013
The art manifest in the public space

spoken word, poetry, open mic, aerosol art, sound installation, dance music, participatory art projects, Poop Talk and a variety of artists displaying their work, reflecting Jersey City’s Urban culture with a cutting edge.

DJ Pastiche on the Last Stop Before Berlin
samples the rare German Minimal and Electronica he finds in the underground galleries and small music shops in Berlin on his regular trips to Bauhaus land..

Poop talk, not stoop talk
with Meredith Rollman known for “what is that crazy bitch going to do next”
live interviews on 2 toilets in poop action

Talking sh..t with Meredith

4.30pm sharp,
interviewing Craig Mahoney and Lana Rose Diaz
Jersey City performance art event,arts and crafts artist market, outdoor art event handmade, made in NJ, made in Jersey City local, music event, deejays,

Lex Leonard brings back the legendary Waterbug Hotel: 5-8pm
10 year anniversary of JC’s underground Urban culture with open mic, poetry, slams, music, performances and the famous after hour parties!

Waterbug regulars curated by Ben Carmichael and Lex Leonard:
Aaron Jackson
Ben Carmichael
Dre Boogie
Lady Jay
Just Putt
Sirena and Papi
Mark Skrzypczak
Broken English (tentative)
Karen Davis
Patrice Stercks
Tru lyfe Wyme poetry, lead singer of Audiobodies
Tim Ruiz
Dontique-Rhythm and Rhymes of the Love and Loyalty crew

aerosol art Urban style by Paws21 and Wyme, live spraypainting

Ed Bielski sharing his experience and process with his painting and layering.

The public participatory art project with the artfridge, which gets painted over every time again,it stands beautifully up, can be worked on from all 4 sides at the same time. The paintings are brief moments for our memories to be documented through the experience and photography, lost with the next layer of paint.
All ages welcome, bring a throw away T shirt to protect your clothing, and washable paint.
Brought to Grove Street by Uta Brauser

Visual artists on display:
Aleksandar Milenkovic oil crayons, acrylics, Daniela Fertitta burnt wood and obscure sculptures, Quel Beast reflections of self – influenced by the City culture and graffiti, Sidney Acosta paintings,
Uta Brauser line drawings, Eva Moll splashing balloons in town.


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