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Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween and Zombie build up
Oct 18, Grove Street PATH plaza, Jersey City
3pm – 9 pm
Girl-DJ Juelz spins her East coast – West coast beats from funky stuff to trancey rave tunes bringing us an eclectic overtone to the plaza.

Look at crazy hats and costume ideas
by our local artists, Face paint planning
Find amazingly crafted goods by designers, bones, leather, jewelery, crochet, furs, fake furs,
wood, paper mache
and tons of vinyl records


Artists this week:
Ibou Ndoye, Sarah Johns, Uta Brauser, Eva Moll,
Steven Mitchell,  Paul Richard
and those unannounced surprise arteests
the artfridge is a public participatory project brought to you by Uta Brauser

☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ – ☺ –

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