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Friday November 1, 2013

Downtown Jersey City’s outdoor scene for the arts, artisans and creativity in many ways, an outdoor living room for the community, lounge, party!! Find every important or creatively contributing personality here.

DJ Pastiche DJ Pastiche returns From Berlin to Fight the American Robots. Spinning all new music from Berlin.

Opening set: Experimental, Electroclash and Gabba (Your kids hate this DJ mix)
Second Set: House Music (Back in JC mix)
Third Set: Minimal Techno and Techno (Fall of the Technology)
Last Set: Electro/Fidget House (Even the Robots Dance)

Then the Poop hits the fan at 8pm!!!!               

Poop Talk hosted by Meredith Rollman
Line Up – Mega Mission, Joe D’Allegro, Josh Wells, Wolf Juice, Wendelin de Regalo, Beth Achenbach– plus a super awesome very very famous surprise celebrity guest

Dia de los Muertos Jersey City
the best Latina culture ladies bring facepainting and calavera styling to the plaza,
starts at 5 pm. Learn about the Dia de Los Muertos, a Central American and Mexican tradition to honor and re-welcome the dead with a party, flowers, food, music and art for a day.    Brought to you by Cynthia Renta
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