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Friday April 18, 2014

April 18, 3-9 pm, Grove Street PATH plaza, Jersey City NJ

Revive, repurpose, recycle, recreate, innovate and bring new spirit:
a tribute to the Found and Recycled movement!
Art, Fashion, Music, Design, Technology and Earthfriendliness.
Look for salvaged materials, vintage, new ways to use discarded items, re-interpreted and mashed up music, solar styles, bicycle power, ideas for roof top and Urban farming, found object art and instruments, community garden listings
“Made in Jersey City” local designers
“Cooked in Jersey City” local food
sustainability applied, in practice, at Creative Grove

ON THE DECKS: DJ Bill William McCamie and DJ Iris Irs Nephilim
Electronic sound performance by The Use ( Michael Durek ) at 6.00 pm. File under: Electronic, IDM, Psych Pop and theremin, from NJ to Mumbai to LA, the moon and beyond.

Poop Chat on the infamous stage toilets hosted by Meredith Rollman, discussing any topic from fiber to politics..

The ART BAR with micro brews, green drinks, creative cocktails in STYLE!!
Monthly markets this year,
third fridays and JC Fridays (June 6 and Sept 5)

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