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Friday July 18, 2014

Summer Fest Creative Grove
Friday July 18, 2014

Focus: outdoor lounge community art and culture

Music: STOIC FLOW girl deejay with spunkified deep
house crossing over to electronic vocals
with her new live show
PURPLE STUFF with bouncy house, dance
nostalgia and wonky oddities

POOP CHAT with Meredith at 7.15 on our infamous stage toilets, interviewing
SPOKEN SOUND 7.30 – 8pm

Art: Art tent Fish with Braids gallery,

artists present at the event: Kaliptus, Laelia Delaney, Robyn Thompson, Jackie Flower girl,
Joe Gilmore, Stephen Mitchell,

Live art: Livingapainting with Caridad
Installation: paint the fridge

ART BAR: DORRIANS RED HAND beers, Arts in Action with creative cocktails

LOCAL DESIGNERS find your super creative, urban or
vintage designs at our marketplace,
oiling the wheel of sustainable local economy.
Independent designers and artpreneurs, on Grove
Street PATH plaza, downtown Jersey City

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